Our firm aims to capitalize on the inadequacies of the Southern California multi-family market by recognizing apartments significantly below replacement cost and adding value.

We have identified differences between affordability in home buying and rent relative to income creates a high demand in Class B and C apartment buildings. The lack of new construction in these classes causes a shortage of supply that ultimately drives opportunity for short and long term rent growth. We look to reposition multi-family properties by optimizing management, injecting capital through renovation or redevelopment and increasing net operating income.

Our offerings focus on maximizing investor returns while assessing the necessary risk to get there. Our balanced approach delivers the highest returns by implementing our repeatable investing processes and vertical integration, while protecting our investments from market volatility.

Acquisition Criteria


3-15 Million


15% annualized return with a goal of outperforming that number

Hold Time

3-5 years

Property Type

Low - mid rise apartment buildings

Asset Class

B to D

Asset Location

A to B


  • Research

    Finding sellers while fostering close relationship with brokers for exclusive deal flow. Analyze areas and hone in on specific investments.

  • Investment Analysis

    Underwrite property with a conservative approach while looking for creative solutions to add value.

  • Investor Offering

    Create analysis with clear transparency and no hidden fees. Present opportunity to our group of investors for funding.

  • Renovation / Redevelopment

    Immediate renovation, lease up to market rents, and optimize processes.

  • Stabilize Asset

    Manage the asset while studying market trends on a potential exit.

  • Disposition / Refinance

    Sell or refinance property based on the fiduciary responsibility to our investors that maximizes profit.

  • Reallocate

    Reinvest profits into future projects with tax advantages or pull profits from the asset.

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